The effects of artificial intelligence on a content creator

Ashley Shakibai | 14 February 2024

Artificial Intelligence: both powerful and dangerous, it is a subject that is becoming increasingly more prominent on social media platforms across the world. What is my stance on this?  


As a production manager for a commercial property company in Manchester specialising in photography, film making and drone work, I have several reasons to be excited about the future of my job with the assistance of AI. I have heard the notion that AI will make jobs become obsolete and destroy the art of a creative’s workflow. But is this really true?  


Although computers can now automate some of the tasks that were previously performed by editors, I don’t see this being a problem. From a positive perspective, it saves time and money which allows for more resource to be spent on the artistic elements to a production. 


AI has, in truth, helped me a lot in recent years. Below are a few examples of how it has affected my day-to-day workflow. 


Cameras now have AI-powered autofocus systems that can track people or objects and retain focus automatically while moving. Whether or not you feel that video auto focus has killed the soul of cinematography, it is undeniable that for certain shoots, it can guarantee a locked-on focus throughout a shot, saving time (and therefore money) due to not having to reshoot certain clips because of poor focus. 


Photo editing software can now efficiently process sky replacements for architectural photography, easily mask out certain areas of a photograph, add or remove elements, increase image resolution, remove noise and much more. What is even more impressive is that this can all be achieved on multiple images simultaneously. The software will become more familiar with your individual style and lean towards maintaining that style throughout any future decision-making processes. 


Drone mapping software has the power to design autonomous flights prior to the shoot, allowing larger areas to be covered with more efficiency and precision. Algorithms can then process the data to deliver progress reports, identify potential future problems and even suggest ways to improve the situation. This can be particularly useful in the commercial property industry, and I am excited to use this technology in the upcoming months and years. 


The way I see it, artificial intelligence is an instrument that can enhance human creativity rather than being a replacement for it. It is an opportunity and a tool to use at the right time and in the right way.  


Google Sound Storm has impressed me by producing such accurate intonation with voice overs. Not only can it produce artificial voices, but it can even act as an assistant and call and book appointments on your behalf based on your requests. This of course could become quite dangerous when used in the wrong context. For instance, although booking a haircut without needing to pick up the phone may seem appealing, what if the technology was used to call your mother impersonating your child saying, “Hi grandma, I have been arrested and need £5,000 bail money in cash immediately”?! 


The use of Chat GPT (an open-source AI software) and other similar programmes have recently been described as the beginning of the end of the need for human skill. They can be used, for example, to write a presentation on a certain topic and they do it quite well. The truth is, we each have our own style and so the output from Chat GPT would be used as a time saving resource tool to create a starting point but then amended accordingly by the user to create the final piece.  


Technological Singularity is a very important term to consider. This refers to the point where AI is smarter than humans. Chat GPT 3 has been described as having an approximate IQ of around 135. Einstein had an IQ of 160 and the highest current human IQ has been recorded at around 210. With the development of Chat GPT moving at such a rate, it has been said that by the time version 5 is released, the equivalent IQ will be around 10 times more. 10 times higher that Albert Einstein. Let that sink in for a moment. If that were not mind blowing enough, it has been estimated that within only a few years, the power of AI in IQ terms could reach a million times more!  


Looking to the future, albeit a little daunting, how far could AI go? I guess the truth is, most of us can’t imagine the technicalities of it and only know what we see in science fiction films. Could it be the end of civilisation? Will robots end up taking over the world? The scary thing is, both are within the realms of possibility but ultimately only time will tell. Arguably AI software should never have been put on the open internet and we should not have taught them to code until we find a way of making sure they have our best interests in mind. It is clear to see that the use of AI is developing to a point where monetisation is a significant issue, and many believe that governments should tax companies 98% and reinvest heavily into control methods.  


Although for content creators, correct use of artificial intelligence is a welcome time saver, we must be very careful with the malicious misuse of AI. Sam Altman, the creator of Chat GPT, has recently released World Coin with the aim of fixing digital ID. It is an eye scanning identification system that will attempt to safeguard against any misuse of the AI revolution we are currently living in.  


I believe this topic is the most existential debate that we will ever face. It will undoubtedly redefine the future of planet earth and the human race. Our life as we know it will never be the same. Jobs will be different, the truth will be different, the polarisation of power will be different.  


From the perspective of the commercial property industry, the radical progressions of AI will result in an increasing number of automated and computerised tools that will revolutionise the design and building phases of construction. The 21st century is an exciting time to be alive. Technology is on a seemingly exponential curve and who knows where it will end. In the short term, the creatives of the world should see it only as a benefit and a way of enhancing our work.  


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